One on One Wordpress Tutoring

Wanting to learn the basics of Wordpress, or even some more advanced techniques?

Are you a novice developer working on a project, and struggling to understand or even find answers on a forum?

Have no fear, One on One Wordpress Tutoring is here!

Beginner Subjects

  • Setting up Wordpress
  • Installing a Theme
  • Creating posts and pages
  • Configuring plugins
  • Using media manager
  • SEO Best Practices
  • ... and more ...

Advanced Subjects

  • Genesis Framework & Child Theme Development
  • Using Custom Post Types
  • Adding and Implementing Custom Fields
  • HTML, PHP, CSS/SASS, jQuery Basics
  • Responsive Design
  • Photoshop to Wordpress
  • ... and more ...

How It Works

This is a very unconventional learning environment. Instead of providing you with a curriculum and forcing you to follow along in a book, we cover questions and topics that you want to learn. Every person has different skill and knowledge levels as well as different learning curves. So you pick what you want to learn and we teach it to you, hands on, one on one, at your pace.

Technology is fantastic, and one of the coolest pieces of tech to come along is screen sharing! We use screen sharing software in combination with screen recorders to meet with students. Every session is recorded and delivered to the student, so that they can go back and review the session.

What students are saying:

You are a breath of fresh air, and I value our connectivity. You answered my questions; you made recommendations for structure and placement, you asked my opinion (wow), and best of all - you provided a video that's unbelievably awesome. There was so much to watch, learn, absorb during our 5-hour session, the video allows me to go back and follow your coding, learn from your talent and have a better understanding of coding and web design.

- RJ Rodgers

About Nick Hempsey

With over 7 years of Wordpress developing experience, Nick Hempsey, has built websites, blogs, and custom management systems for small businesses and even Fortune 500 companies. Nick is a featured developer of the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. For more info, visit the about page!