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In early 2010, I was at a crossroads. I had just left a staff position at Barefoot Church, I really needed time to focus on reconnecting my relationship with God, strengthening my marriage, playing a larger role in my boys lives, and getting my business up and running. God was telling me to stay away from “ministry work” for a year.

The year that followed was a stressful one, as we were starting a new business, having a new baby, and moving into a new house. In the same year, we started going to Wellspring Church, we found a fantastic group of like minded individuals that were on fire for seeing Myrtle Beach changed by Christ. I followed Gods Will and did not go near the idea of a “staff job”. I just played drums with Wellspring for the first year. Which by the way… is awesome, anyone that knows me, knows I love playing drums.

At almost the exact year mark, my relationship with God had been stronger than ever. My marriage was on fire, my boys were strong, healthy and seeing their dad every day. I had received a ton of recognition for my work with Studiopress and secured myself a steady amount of work to the point of having to turn some down. Success. 🙂

I heard God speak to me very clearly… He told me that I should ask Trey if he needed any help with their website. Of course, he immediately jumped at the chance to get a new site done.

Side note: I’m not, nor do I have any plans to go on full time staff at Wellspring. God has given me a great gift and blessing in my business. However, I have committed to helping Wellspring at a high capacity… Web Design, Series Design and whatever else they need really.

So anyway, over the next 5 months, we brain stormed, plotted, planned, and created a very remarkable site … WellspringChurch.tv

There are a TON of features on this site and we’re building more every month.  To get a real feel for it, please check out the site. It will blow your mind.

Home Page

We actually use two homepages, one is the standard , but at the start of a new series, we flip it over to a custom designed landing page to help drive the invitations.

Sermon Archive

The sermon system is custom built to be easy to use for the staff as well as the congregation. Every sermon ever preached is available in either audio or video, in some cases both. The individual sermons are hidden “inside” the graphic, hover it to reveal the list. Some cool CSS3 transitions power the fading.

Single Sermon

We really wanted to make the sermons an experience, we have a lot of time into making sure this section was awesome. This is the gem of the website in my opinion. This is the Single Sermon page. From here you can watch or listen to the message, share it with Twitter and Facebook, subscribe to iTunes, take notes, read the bible, find sermons that are related to this one, and have quick access to all the sermons from the past 3 years.

The backend system is quite simple to use and is completely automated so that iTunes, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, etc are updated simultaneously. I love this system, and the staff love it too.


Clearly I’m excited about some of the more technical aspects of the site. However, this is the most touching section. This is the stories section. We have a form setup where people can share their stories of how God has changed their life through Wellspring. (User generated content is a win/win) It’s something we are all very excited about. There are some amazing stories already on there, and I can’t wait to see more.

In conclusion

This church rocks. This site rocks. God rocks. Check it out.

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