Studio412 Design works in the world of WordPress! If you’re looking for customization to a basic template, we can help with that. If you want a fully customized theme, we can do that as well. You need some tutoring on WordPress, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s some of my services:


  • Full project pricing starts at $3,000.*
  • For smaller projects, my hourly rate is $60.
  • Tutoring hourly rate is $100.


I stay pretty busy, but I’m always looking to keep my project timeline full. Your best bet is to get in contact with me and we’ll take it from there. I respond within 48 hours to all inquiries, well if it’s a weekend, I’ll reach out on Monday.

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* Wire framing is a part of the planning/scoping phase and is charged at $50 an hour, and is included in the base price for clients who choose Studio412 Design for their project.  Wire framing hours will be billed separately for clients who don’t choose to move beyond the initial planning/scoping phase.