Mike “Mizza” Hall – Motivational Speaker


Mike has a brand new design for 2013:  Check it

Have you ever heard of Young Life?  if( yes() ) { skip_2_sentences(); }  else  {continue_reading(); }  …. sorry nerdy php joke…

ANYWAY!  It’s basically a youth outreach that does all sorts of cool events and camps and what not.  ( If you live in the Myrtle Beach area, they actually just brought it down here. )  Well when I was in high school, one of the Young Life directors in my area was this super cool guy, Mike Hall.  Mike was a skateboarder, listened to punk rock, and was just an all around great guy.   I never got really close with Mike in high school, but I would attend some of the events he put on, he’d come see my band play shows and we’d talk every now and again.    After I graduated I think he moved down to the Jersey Shore to be on some tv show or something where he gained the nickname “Mizza”…. lol, just kidding.  But he did move to the Jersey Shore.

Well at random, in late 2010, I get a Facebook message from Mike that said he was on vacation in my area and wanted to grab some coffee and breakfast.  So we caught up and had some awesome conversation and parted ways.  Well I got another random message a few weeks ago, this time he wanted to talk shop and get himself a fancy interwebs site.

Mike is embarking on a similar path I recently took, he is going into business full time for himself.  With the exception he’s going to be a public/motivational speaker…. anyone that knows me, knows that I’m not a very good speaker in general, let alone a public speaker.   Mizza on the other hand, is well equipped for the task.  The dude is really good with youth, maybe partly because he still looks like a teenager?? haha.  Just playin’ Mike.

After talking it over for a few hours we had a pretty clear vision for what he wanted to accomplish.  Mike has some pretty big dreams for this site as we move through time, so be on the look out for some really cool features in the future.   We also built him a custom Facebook landing page with all the bells and whistles.  Pretty stylish.


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