Mike Hall – Part Duex


You may remember this dude from a couple years ago when I built his original site. ¬†Well the Mizza returns for round two with a smokin’ site. ¬†We decided to go all out on this one and make it HUGE. ¬†It’s what I like to call “Appy” ¬†it fills the entire screen on just about any computer or device you go on. (iMacs not included, it actually maxes out at 1500px.) ¬†But, that’s still freaking huge! ¬†By the way, my site is the same way, go ahead, resize it, I dare you. ¬†:)

So Mike wanted this site to work on every browser, screen size, device you could¬†possibly¬†imagine. ¬†Well he called at the right time, because responsive design is taking off like a rocket at the moment and I’ve been studying it pretty heavily for about a year now. ¬†So I was ready to roll!

Other than making it super wide and fun for all devices, we added a new testimonials system for him that is powered by a … wait for it… wait for it… a custom post type and custom fields!!! ding ding. ¬†Mike has a couple fields to fill in and he’s done. ¬†The site takes that info and pushes it all over the place.

If you like engaging¬†websites, definitely check out Mikes, it won’t¬†disappoint.

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