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One of the best parts of the internet these days is the ability to stay connected with people you grew up with, went to school with, or even met at a social function.  The power of Facebook and many other technologies like it are making that so much easier and much more dynamic.

Well, for me as a web designer, it gives me opportunities to do work for people that I normally would not have the chance to.  In this case, my client turned out to be Michael McManus, a graduate of Clearview Regional High School, Go Pioneers!  Michael and I went to school together from middle school through high school, we didn’t talk much as I was a band geek/musician and he was more of an art club kid.  Regardless of that fact, 10 years later, Facebook’s brilliance has reunited us; this time with a commonality of photography.

When my wife and I discussed her becoming a full time photographer, Michael and his wife Melissa were one of the first pro photographers to reach out and help her get started.  For that we have been very thankful.

A few months ago, M2 (Michael & Melissa, get it? very clever… I guess Eminem and M&M were taken… lol.) asked if I would be interested in helping them revamp their website.  After a quick Skype meeting to discuss details, we got started.  It’s been a fun month or so putting the project together.  I think Michael and Melissa are pretty happy with their new site and I am very proud to be releasing it to my online portfolio.

Without further ado, (yes, I looked it up to make sure I was saying it properly… I Google everything.) I give you M2-Photography.net

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