One day I get a phone call from an artist in Texas who says she needs some help building an ecommerce site for a group of artists.  I thought, ok this should be pretty easy.  Wrong.  🙂  CFAI is a massive site, well at least it is now.  This is one of those projects where you start off with a scope the size of a baseball and by the end of the project you look back at it and say “Wow, we just built the Death Star, how cool is that?!”

So some of the details on this project, I like to call it “Etsy for Fine Art.”   That basically sums it up.  This is a collaboration of, at the time of this post, over 340 artists.  Each artist has their own “site” within CFAI.   It’s actually a multisite install that allows them to make blogposts, add art to sell in the main gallery, as well as set up workshops for other artists to attend.  This is a multi-level site as well, meaning not everyone can sell their work, some can just display it.

The ecommerce platform is setup so that a sale is a percentage split between CFAI and the artist, which is all automatically handled through Paypal.   It’s rather slick.

On top of the sales features, CFAI also does monthly contests and features one of their artists.  For these systems we opted to build custom post types with some custom fields to make the job a lot easier for their admins.

It’s a rather cool site, if I don’t say so myself.  Have a look 🙂

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