Build A Truck Website

About two years ago, Jud Kuhn asked me to develop a brand for a website that he was thinking of building, Build A Truck.  He’s into “monster” trucks, if you will.   He builds these insane trucks with all kinds of customizations and showcase them on a website.   At the time I wasn’t experienced enough in this type of site to even come close to building it for him.  However, just recently Jud contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to rebuild the site for him.  With out hesitation I was ready to go!

This site was really fun to build, it’s built on WordPress and Genesis Framework, as always, and it has a bunch of custom functionality.  It’s basically two custom post types working together as one.  There is a vehicles post type and a class post type.  You can filter vehicles into classes and sub classes for organization, the information pages are controlled by these as well.  Each vehicle has a very simple custom menu to build out all of the options.   It’s rather intuitive from a users perspective.  They were able to take that system and run with it right out of the gate with a very low learning curve.

I would love to revisit this site some time this year and make it responsive, I may have to send Jud some emails. 🙂

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